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Menarini Group’s health, safety and environmental policy

The Menarini Group has formally established its commitments to reducing environmental impacts and to maintaining the health and safety of all workers who work at their sites in an Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

The Policy is implemented daily, through the application of voluntary Management Systems that comply with the most widespread and recognised international standards.

The MENARINI Group is facing the future with worker safety and environmental protection as its primary values, while also promoting a culture of prevention and awareness.


The principles adopted by the MENARINI Group for the aspects concerning Health, Safety and the Environment include:

  • compliance with the applicable provisions governing the environment and safety in the workplace, and with all the other commitments made;
  • development of Guidelines for protection of the environment, and health and safety of workers, with a view to achieving continuous improvement of its performance;
  • participation of employees, temporary workers and workers of third-party companies in the process of risk prevention, protection of the environment and the safeguarding of health and safety;
  • preventive assessment of investments, taking into account the potential impact on the environment, health and safety;
  • the satisfying of the stakeholders’ expectations and compliance with the formal obligations entered into by the Group, as a fundamental prerequisite for creating value and promoting sustainable development.


The MENARINI Group is committed to translating the principles into action, by continuing to:

  • improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact through improvement and awareness-raising actions of the personnel;
  • reduce emissions from the production plants thanks to the installation of systems that are technologically advanced and compliant with the European Guidelines;
  • communicate, promote and encourage the use of sustainable transport methods by all employees;
  • plan and develop all relative work activities by adopting the best techniques available in order to prevent accidents and the onset of occupational diseases;
  • ensure the educating, informing and training of the personnel, making all employees and contract workers aware of how to perform their duties in safe conditions;
  • improve the internal and external communication processes in the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the Integrated HSE Management System;
  • guarantee the improvement of performance in relation to the environment, health and safety, defining appropriate performance indicators aimed at achieving the established objectives.


  • availability of the performance indicators regarding the environment, health and safety;
  • dissemination of the environmental, health and safety accident analyses to the personnel concerned;
  • sharing of the audit results.




Fighting for the Environment, a precious asset

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