Working at Menarini means

Our group is currently present in 140 countries with more than 17,000 employees: many differences for a unique international Family.

What really makes Menarini unique? The diversity and authenticity of our key resource - the People.
We’re proud to offer equal opportunities to every individual regardless of any differences - be it related to age, gender, culture, physical abilities, nationality, political belief, life experience, religious or sexual orientation.
Creating a truly inclusive culture is one of the main priorities for the Menarini Group: each employee brings different perspectives and strengths, and by embracing them we develop a real sense of belonging to our Group.

People and patients are the heart of our commitment. We are all part of an international family that makes a real impact in the life of our patients. Our cultural diversity helps us to drive innovation, adapt to business changes, face challenges, inspire ideas and develop our growth.

We stimulate a multicultural workforce - these are the pillars driving our behaviors:

We do not allow any form of discrimination based on race, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age, political affiliation, trade union membership, marital status, physical or mental disability, or any other personal characteristic or condition.
We provide people with equal opportunities. Everybody is treated fairly during the recruitment and employment process.We ensure a balanced working environment, where everyone can feel equally and fairly treated. Equal opportunities mean no judgments based on stereotypes. Employees should feel appreciated, valued and understood, hence, the need for offering equal and fair opportunities.
We provide all people with a welcoming environment, each and every of our employees feels himself/herself at home, surrounded by a supportive staff and a warm environment.
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The recruiting process

In order to achieve our mission, we constantly seek out the best talent, people who know how to work in a team and who also show initiative, flexibility and enthusiasm. People who are pragmatic and able to work towards their objectives, bringing added value to the position they will be called to cover.

This is the reason why the selection process in Menarini begins with a clear definition of the responsibilities and personal characteristics deemed best (most appropriate) for the position, after which we proceed with a screening of the application forms received and the identification of the most appropriate (suitable) potential candidates. The candidates included in this short list will be called for a series of individual interviews, starting with the Human Resources Department and followed on by the heads of the various departments for which resources are being selected.


Number of employees

In 1964 with Menarini had 188 employees in Italy. Today, the Group has over 17,000 employees in over 140 countries around the world.

number of employees

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