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Menarini, know-how since 1886

Menarini’s long history in manufacturing medicinal products for human use results in a strong know-how in good manufacturing and good distribution practices, high level manufacturing technology, advanced health, safety & environment management and structured management of technological asset.

A new challenge is the digital transformation of our manufacturing sites with a positive impact on process performance and services related to the patients. Implementation of new technologies adds value to the traditional control and monitoring with an optimized capacity to predict the impact of slight changes on any manufacturing activity.

Requisites for a medicinal product remain unchanged. It must be:

    it must produce the expected therapeutic effect;
  • SAFE:
    it must not pose a risk to patients’ health;
    it must correspond to the authorized specifications.

Quality is applied by implementing the European and International laws and regulations and Menarini’s additional internal standards throughout the whole lifecycle of a medicinal product, from the development phase to the commercialization.

Our production

Menarini has 18 manufacturing sites, whose products are delivered worldwide.

In Menarini manufacturing sites we produce oral solid forms (tablets and capsules in blisters, powder for oral suspension), topical forms (gels, creams, lotions), parenteral dosage forms (ampoules), liquid forms (syrups and drops), suppositories. We also produce active pharmaceutical ingredients in three Chemical Sites (Pisa, Lomagna and Lodi), as well as diagnostic products in our sites of Pisa, Shannon (Ireland) and Huntingdon Valley (USA). In addition, we produce biotech products in Menarini Biotech (Pomezia, Italy).

Medicinal products for human use manufactured by Menarini sites are sold in more than 100 countries around the world.







Choose the manufacturing area:

Chemical Synthesis of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Manufacturing sites: Casaletto Lodigiano, Lomagna and Pisa.

The mission of Menarini-Biotech is the development and GMP manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies, conjugated antibodies and other recombinant proteins (enzymes and fusion proteins).

Furthermore Menarini-Biotech is offering its development expertise and GMP manufacturing capacity to external clients as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO).

One GMP manufacturing site: Pomezia (Rome, Italy)

Two Development sites: Pomezia (Rome, Italy) and Reading (United Kingdom)

In vitro diagnostic medical devices (clinical chemistry reagents, kit for the enumeration of circulating tumor cells), RUO (Research Use Only) molecular and cellular biology kits, secondary packaging of in vitro diagnostic medical devices (systems for self testing of blood glucose and other blood parameters).

Manufacturing sites: Pisa, Shannon (Ireland, only packaging), Huntingdon Valley (PA, USA) 

Pharmaceutical form produced: oral solid forms (tablets, powder for oral suspension, capsules), topical forms (creams, gels, lotions), parenteral forms (ampoules), liquid forms (syrups and drops), suppositories.

Manufacturing sites: Florence (2 sites), L’Aquila, Berlin (2 sites), Badalona, Dresden, Kaluga, Istanbul, Jakarta, Guatemala City.

Menarini Group’s health, safety and environmental policy

The Menarini Group has formally established its commitments to reducing environmental impacts and to maintaining the health and safety of all workers who work at their sites in an Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.

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