Our Values

Our Values

Everyday we put our values into action. 4 values, which have given life to Menarini and have shaped its history.

All of us are part of them and act them out by constantly applying the values to our daily practices.

People are at the heart of Menarini’s values.


A cure for every disease. More health, more happiness, more life.


Health, our commitment for life.

Menarini: 4 Key Values

People care

Our Company is centered around the Person. We live in a multicultural environment and we give value to diversity and inclusion.

We think Solidarity as a fundamental part of our respect for people.

We respect and safeguard the environment around us to allow a better life to our children.

Patient Focus

The nature of our identity is dictated by our focus on the patient.

All our activities are inspired by this fundamental value.

Responsibility and Integrity

Passion, pride, dedication and commitment are in the DNA of our Company. Every single one of us represents Menarini.

Each of us is responsible for sustaining and enhancing the reliability, integrity and scientific value of what we have created by dedicating time, work and sacrifice.

We adopt the highest ethical standards in all our processes. We work with commitment to foster and favour behaviour which is ethically correct. Abiding by the rules is essential at all levels.


Our way of working goes beyond the mere regulatory requirements fulfillment, but we work to reach the most elevated standards in the markets in which we operate, creating a real quality culture.

We choose to improve the care of our patients through quality.


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