Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine

Our mission: Conscious Innovation in Well-Being

RELIFE is a long-lasting project that counts on the close collaboration with the leading Healthcare Professionals all around the globe, to develop a brand new way in skin treatments.

RELIFE is focused on the recovery of the purest essence of a person, pursuing a healthy and good looking skin knowing that it is the mirror of the inner well-being of a person.

This is why at RELIFE we talk about conscious innovation: premium scientific-based innovation at the service of our consumers.

RELIFE, the human being, once again.

This is RELIFE’s conscious innovation in well-being.

This concept is as simple as it is impactful: a new approach to dermatology and aesthetic medicine is needed to support Healthcare Professionals all around the globe in helping people to regain their inner and external harmony.

Therefore, skin treatment cannot be detached from the rest of the body, and must be encompassed in a holistic consideration of the entire health and appearance of a person.

Taking care of the appearance of a person as a whole means to enable him or her to achieve complete well-being.



RELIFE is the new worldwide company that finds its roots in the Menarini Group.

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In Dermatology, we will treat each specific skin condition by providing men, women, and children with effective and highly innovative complete premium product ranges.

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Aesthetic Medicine

In Aesthetic Medicine, we will offer Healthcare Professionals an holistic approach.
A natural looking appearance thanks to a combination of unique techniques.

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RELIFE-ICme is the educational and training platform that provides the physicians with high quality medical contents. Enter RELIFE-ICme and sign up to the platform to take advantage of all the knowledge, the training contents and the products we have set up for you.


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