Our Therapeutic Focus Areas

We actively seek partners with innovative solutions who share our vision and commitment to address high unmet needs and will shape a different future for patients.

Driving scientific innovation and collaboration in:
  1. Oncology

    We are focused on fueling our pipeline and portfolio across development stages with innovative assets with high unmet needs, in addition to finding synergies with our precision medicine technologies

    Solid Tumour
    Our goal is to expand Menarini's pipeline with projects that provide personalized treatment in solid tumors without a cure, targeting the molecular drivers of tumors

  2. Pharmaceuticals

    CV/Metabolic, Respiratory, Pain and Antinfectives
    We are seeking late-stage products to reinforce our core primary and specialty care business. We bring deep expertise and commercial excellence in these key therapeutics areas.

  3. Consumer Health

    Menarini Consumers Health is actively seeking partners for the development in:

    • Active Aging
    • Diabesity
    • Gastroenterology
    • Cardiometabolic

  4. Diagnostics

    A valid partner for both patients and healthcare professionals.​

    • Diabetes care
    • Routine Laboratory testing
    • Point of Care testing
    • Molecular Diagnostics
    • Cell Pathology
    • Precision Medicine

  5. Derma&Aesthetic

    At RELIFE we are looking for partners that can offer us patient-centric and breakthrough-innovative solutions for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine treatment needs.

    • AESTHETIC MEDICINE : Botulinum toxin, injectables (fillers / hydroboosters / mesotherapy), chemical peels, threads, and novel prejuvenation (prevention aging and rejuvenation) modalities.
    • DERMATOLOGY (drugs, medical devices, and cosmeceuticals): Eczema / dermatitis, dry-sensitive skin, psoriasis, acne, diaper (nappy) rash, hyperpigmentation-melasma, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, wound healing, alopecia, fungal / bacterial skin infection.