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Our Roots

Menarini has been in Florence for more than 100 years, in the very same place where the company Headquarters can be found today.

The origins of the company date back to the previous century, to 1886, when the “Farmacia Internazionale” opened in Naples. The company moved to Florence in 1915, most probably due to the fact that it was close to an area where, at that time, there were several suppliers of glass bottles and vials which could be used for medicines.

A story which has bound Menarini, the city of Florence, and the Florentines together ever since.

Ours is a story made up of passion, quality, and a sense of union but it is also a story that has led us to forge strong ties to the artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Florence, birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.

Florence means Art and together they become a wonderful backdrop which has always accompanied our company throughout the years.


"More than 100 years ago, Menarini decided to move its headquarters to Florence, a city with which the company has always had very strong ties. It is a city brimming with art, a city full of beauty and Menarini simply could not stand by and observe from afar some of the greatest artistic masterpieces, all this exquisite beauty, and not do anything”. - Lucia Aleotti, Shareholder and Member of Menarini Board of Directors"

The series of Menarini Art Monographs

Since 1956 the Menarini Group has continuously renewed its commitment to enhancing the Italian artistic heritage, attesting the bond between ‘art’ and ‘science’.
Some of the most renowned Italian Art historians have been authors to a number of Menarini monographs dedicated to the great masters of Renaissance art and sculpture.

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The Menarini Pills of Art Videos

Through the Menarini Pills of Art, viewers can enter some of Italy’s most famous museums to reveal some lesser-known facts on the works of well-known Renaissance painters.
This series of short videos traces the history of our art publications as well as giving anecdotes on some of the most famous works.

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Proof of Menarini’s artistic vocation is also given by the ‘Minuti’ art magazine, a publication which has been distributed to subscribers by Fondazione Internazionale Menarini since 1956.

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