Business Ethics & Compliance

Transparency in healthcare

We are firmly focused on our mission and take our responsibility very seriously regarding the need for a transparent way of acting.
As a member of international industry associations, accordingly to national/regional laws, regulations and industry code requirements on transparency, Menarini discloses transfer of value to HealthCare Professionals, HealthCare Organizations and Patient Organizations.



Patient Experts disclosure

Menarini is committed to an open dialogue and a transparent exchange of information with patient organizations since we believe that listening to and understanding the patient represents a fundamental element of knowledge for an effective value proposition within the Healthcare System, resulting in an improvement in the clinical outcome of patients.
We are strongly convinced that health and well-being must be a fundamental right for every patient or rather for every person, as stated in article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For this reason, we work every day to ensure that more patients can sustainably access the care they need in the therapeutic areas relevant to our products.
To this end, our engagement with the world of patients is driven by a desire to understand and address gaps in access to care, to provide concrete solutions to fill them and to ensure better access to our medicines.
Increasing the contact surface and active listening with the world of patients represents an enrichment at all levels of the Company. This leads to a deep understanding of patients’ needs, difficulties and expectations when it comes to deal with diseases and treatments, as well as a decisive step in the direction of sustainable healthcare.

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