Consumer Healthcare

Quality & Innovation are the drivers
of our Consumer Healthcare activities

Our vision is to support consumer’s daily life by providing innovative and trustful solutions.
Our presence in more than 50 countries allows us to help millions of consumers with high quality products.
Our DNA of pharmaceutical company encourages us to select high quality ingredients.
Consumer’s life is continuously changing and we are committed in a constant innovation plan to anticipate their needs.
Quality & Innovation are the drivers of our Consumer Healthcare activities.

Some of our brands




Laila is a Traditional herbal medicinal product for relief of mild-anxiety symptoms and to aid sleep.



Kaleidon is a range of probiotics promoting the balance of intestinal microbiota. Microbiota is important for many metabolic and nutritional activities and has a protective function and supports the immune response.



Global leading brand for Urinary problems, Prostamol improves patients’ daily life. Reliable and easy to take, Prostamol is the ally of millions of men.



RefluZero is a medical device that provides scientifically proven GERD treatment. It supports people suffering from heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux with a complete and easy solution that generates a fast mechanic relieving performance complemented with a protective and lenitive action.



Global brand in the vitamins, minerals & supplement category, Sustenium is available on the market since more than 20 years. Leading brand in italy, Sustenium is present across 3 continents.


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