Business Ethics & Compliance

Business Ethics & Compliance

We promote and support an ethical work environment and a culture of compliance, by ensuring that business practices adhere to applicable laws, industry regulations, ethical codes and standards.

Such ethical standards are fundamental for our Group policies and provide a common framework for how we interact with our colleagues, conduct business with our partners and suppliers, and serve our patients and the many communities in which we operate around the world.








Global Code of Conduct

We conduct our business always with the utmost integrity and following the highest ethical standards. These principles are firmly part of our DNA.

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Global Third Parties’ Code of Conduct

We recognise that Third Parties have an important role for Menarini success and we encourage them to embrace our Global Third Parties’ Code of Conduct.

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Business Ethics & Integrity

Menarini is firmly committed to conduct its business with integrity and fairness, aiming to guarantee and strengthen its image as a reliable Company.
Our global policies are part of our Group-wide compliance program, which requires us to always conduct business in compliance with the laws, regulations and the highest ethical and scientific standards.

Transparency in Healthcare

We are firmly focused on our mission and take our responsibility very seriously regarding the need for a transparent way of acting.

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Menarini has a “zero-tolerance” approach to bribery and is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all business interactions.
Menarini Global Anti-bribery Policy sets the scene about our individual responsibility in complying with anti-bribery or anti-corruption laws around the world, ensuring that all our employees and any Third Parties with whom we have business relationships, do the same.

Antitrust Compliance

Competition and fair dealing are more than just legal requirements for Menarini: they represent established corporate values.
We are committed to fostering an open and competitive market, operating on the strength and value of our products. 
The Menarini Group has invested in dedicated policies and programs, so to ensure undistorted competition and fair dealing in all business relationships.
Since 2006, a comprehensive system of training, control, and corporate policies has been implemented and constantly updated to protect fair competition and prevent misconduct.

Privacy Compliance

Respecting Data privacy is part of our values.
We are committed to protect the privacy of our patients, customers, employees and the Healthcare professionals we work with, through all work processes.
Personal data are processed to the highest standards of privacy and security, in compliance with all applicable laws and according to the Group Global Data Protection Governance Model.
We regularly engage across the entire Group to monitor and train on data privacy fundamentals and on our Privacy Policies.
This helps us building awareness, propagate best practices and focus on continuous improvement.

Reporting concerns (Whistleblowing)

Menarini has dedicated whistleblowing channels in place to encourage effective reporting.
Statements can be made anonymously and without fear of reprisal.

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