Our Manifesto


"Committed to make a difference in Cancer Patients' Lives.

We want to constantly improve our understanding of the disease to enable personalized care from early detection to precision medicine.

We want to make a significant impact to oncology treatments, by boldly addressing complex and unexplored unmet needs with game-changing innovation.

We want to become an eponym of scientific and medical excellence recognized as a trusted partner in oncology.

We want to elevate standards of care in oncology, by staying true to our innate caring DNA, to transform every life touched by cancer. "

Our Philosophy and Vision

With increased genetic knowledge, precision medicine will define future therapeutics. The Menarini Group is well positioned for a future of precision cancer care where the convergence of sophisticated molecular diagnostics, information technology and novel therapeutic approaches is changing the geometry of care and enabling patients to access therapies personalized to their individual needs. Our vision is to create and build innovative approaches that realize the promise of precision medicine for patients with diverse cancers and help provide optimal care that is accessible to everyone across the world.



Our Engagement and Partnership

Engagement and partnership are at the heart of the Menarini Group model. We accelerate our drug discovery and drug development programs by fostering close collaborative interactions with academia and regulatory authorities during the early stages of the drug development process and incorporating the best translatable research throughout the development process. We build reassurance with our collaborators and partners by being engaged with our opportunities for a long time, to ensure the safety and efficacy of our therapeutics. We ensure that we commit sufficient time, resources and expertise to support all projects that are approved under this unique collaboration.


Our R&D efforts

The Menarini Group has global research-based expertise relevant to all stages of the drug discovery, development and manufacturing process from fundamental biology/chemistry, through drug development and clinical trials. Our team members bring together a ‘diverse’ set of skills, experiences, philosophies and transnational expertise, and apply their knowledge to convert a potential drug discovery into a efficacious medicine.
We are motivated by the common goal of discovering new medicines for patients with cancers, both solid tumors and blood cancers, particularly for those with an unmet medical need.



Expanded access programs


The Menarini Group is committed to developing new therapies to address the unmet medical needs of patients suffering from rare and seriously debilitating diseases. 
We recognize that some patients who wish to access our medicines will not be eligible for clinical trials and may have no other viable treatment options available to them.
In these situations, we will consider providing pre-approval access to our investigational medicines, outside of the clinical trial setting, when certain conditions are met. 


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Our current disease areas

Hematologic Malignancies

Menarini and Stemline teams are working relentlessly to develop new therapeutic options for hematological diseases. We have currently two clinical development programs for AML and one program for MF and CMML.

Solid Tumors

The Menarini Group has had a long-standing interest in the identification and targeting of the molecular drivers of cancers and delivering personalized treatments of the highest specificity and bioactivity for patients with cancer. As the landscape of medical oncology evolves, the focus has shifted from the use of nonspecific cytotoxic treatment strategies toward the delivery of targeted therapies. These therapies is developed on the basis of specific molecular characteristics of the tumor and unique clinical features of the individual patient. Given that most cancers tend to be complex, even when they exhibit a unique molecular signature, to be ‘precise’ we need to ‘personalize’ our approach. Targeted cancer therapy involves small molecules and antibodies that recognize targets expressed by cancer cells, and may improve the survival of patients with fewer side effects versus conventional chemotherapy approaches

At Menarini, we are currently investigating a broad range of cancer targets  and are developing multitargeted and biomarker-selected inhibitors in tandem with developing techniques for analyzing tumor DNA, in tissue and liquid biopsies, to detect, characterize and monitor cancer. We recognize cancer’s ability to continuously evolve and adapt, and our oncology researchers and drug development teams are tasked with helping to predict future directions to outpace the disease and deliver optimal cancer care. Menarini recognizes the continuous advances in the field of precision medicine and the impressive diagnostic and treatment options to improve efficacy and cost-effectiveness. We now stand at the threshold of multiple changes which will determine how precision medicine will define twenty-first century cancer therapeutics.


Careers in Oncology

Join our team to contribute to building and shaping Menarini Stemline’s Oncology business.



Innovation & Research

We are highly committed to developing effective solutions to address the global threat associated with antimicrobial resistance. Discover more about our R&D projects in the anti-infectives area.

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