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Today, with ‘Pills of Art’, Menarini enters the city’s museums to reveal some of the curious facts on the works of the most well-known Renaissance painters. An initiative which confirms the company’s affiliation with art, a close connection which has led them to publish, each year and for more than six decades, an art monograph dedicated to the great masters of artistic beauty: a tradition which dates back to 1956 and which has continue and evolved over time, right up to today. In this section, through a series of short videos, we shall take a trip through the history of our art publications, sharing anecdotes on some of the most famous works which have been, or shall become, the topic of volumes to come. Our exceptional guide on this ‘adventure’ will be the Director of the Uffizi Galleries, Eike Schmidt.

Triptych of the Uffizi by Mantegna

The Triptych consists of three different scenes, the Ascension, the Adoration of the Magi and the Circumcision. There is a clear difference between the 3 tables both stylistic and setting. they are not supposed to have been thought of together. In the third panel the circumcision is extraordinarily painted, there are festoons, bas-reliefs. Watch this wonderful video with us and enter the history of this extraordinary triptych. Mantegna about 1464.

"Concession granted by Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities. Reproduction or duplication of any content and by whatever means is prohibited".


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