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Drug development is a challenging process, and success relies on the integration of innovative scientific discoveries with the necessary capabilities and resources to transform them into effective healthcare solutions. Establishing and growing productive collaborations with other pharmaceutical companies, small biotech companies and academic institutions is an essential part of Menarini’s R&D strategy.

We look for partners who share our vision and whose ideas have the potential to positively impact the lives of patients. Irrespective of the stage of the project, we leverage our therapeutic, strategic and operational expertise to progress the drug candidate across all phases of development, from translational science to regulatory approval activities and registration.

By combining and integrating our resources and capabilities with those of our partners we aim to create fruitful synergies to foster breakthrough science.
We consistently apply the below fundamentals in all our partnerships:

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We are always looking for opportunities to build new partnerships. By leveraging Menarini’s resources and expertise in drug development, together we can maximize the probability of success in delivering value for our patients.

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