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We are committed to developing innovative and effective medicines that can make a difference to the lives of patients affected by serious conditions. Clinical trials are instrumental to this objective, since they allow to translate the promising results of scientific research into high quality medicines capable of improving patients’ lives.


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Our commitment to clinical trial transparency


The Menarini Group is committed to enhancing public health trough responsible sharing of clinical trial data, in a manner that is consistent with the Principles for Responsible Clinical Trial Data Sharing released by the European and US pharmaceutical trade associations, EFPIA and PhRMA, referred to herein:

  • Safeguarding patient privacy and informed consent 
  • Respecting the integrity of national regulatory systems 
  • Maintaining incentives for investment in biomedical research 

We publicly disclose information about all Menarini Group sponsored trials in public registries, such as and other applicable websites as required, as well in our Clinical Trials Database. Furthermore, the results summaries of such clinical trials are available on the same databases within one year following the end of the trial. 

The policy on trials registration and sharing of results has been adopted by the Menarini Group since 2006 for pre-registrative interventional trials (excluded ones in healthy volunteers) and progressively extended to post-registrative phase IV studies.


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Drug development is a challenging process, and success relies on the integration of innovative scientific discoveries with the necessary capabilities and resources to transform them into effective healthcare solutions.

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