Menarini, new Board Member appointed

Menarini, new Board Member appointed

Florence, 29th October 2018 – The  Menarini Assembly has decided to consolidate its Board of Directors appointing a new Board Member, Carlo Colombini, who will be joining recently appointed Chairman, Eric Cornut, and Board Members Lucia Aleotti, Alberto Giovanni Aleotti and Juerg Witmer.

Carlo Colombini brings with him a more than thirty- year experience in Menarini in both the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors and, taking on functions of ever-increasing responsibility, has reached the highest positions in the fields of Manufacturing and Logistics as well as Human Resources. Dr. Colombini has had a pivotal role in the decision making process for the investments made in manufacturing in both Italy and abroad and shall continue to have a significant role in the strategic plans for the future.

Carlo Colombini, nuovo membro del CDA Menarini

I have had the opportunity to be part of an extraordinary project” stated Carlo Colombini, “which in the new millennium has seen the Menarini Group grow and develop from 10.000 employees to reach today’s 17.000, women and men who have contributed towards the Company’s success. We have accomplished our goal to make Menarini a solid and reliable player on an International level, a worldwide example of ‘Made in Italy’. We shall continue to make substantial investments in the R&D of new therapies with the ambition of finding a cure for hereunto unresolved diseases, and we have important projects in the field of cutting edge diagnostics as well as strengthening our international presence even further. In my new role as Board Member I shall do my utmost to make sure that we succeed in fulfilling the targets set.”