Enthusiasm at Menarini L’Aquila

One year from the earthquake an amateur video recalls the emotions of starting over again

"Work signifies the combination of certainty for the present and hope for the future – this is what spurs us on to begin again,….HERE."
These are the conclusive words of the brief amateur video made by an employee of Menarini L’Aquila, from the drama of the fateful day of April 6, 2009 up until the pharmaceutical plant’s reopening in record time. One year from the plant’s reopening, the Mayor of L’Aquila, Massimo Cialente, and Mrs. Lucia Aleotti, Menarini Board Member, not only relived the most painful moments of the disaster, but most of all shared the enthusiasm of the employees from L’Aquila for the certainty of being able to start over again stronger than ever.