Water fun and safety for children with autism

Water fun and safety for children with autism

Water-based activities can elevate spirits, promote good social relationships, and strengthen motor skills. The aim of the Aquatic Therapy Project (Progetto d’Intervento Terapeutico in Acqua or PITA), created by the Florence association Astrolabio and supported by Menarini, is to give children with developmental delays, brain damage or autism spectrum disorders the chance to take part in such activities, combining fun and safety. Learning to feel at ease with another person, gaining self-confidence, creating a trusting relationship with the instructor, accepting the company of other children and learning to play together: these are things most of us take for granted but which many people struggle to do. Giving a helping hand to these minor — yet major — achievements by using water as a form of therapy is the aim of the project, which is led by a multidisciplinary team consisting of neuro-psychomotor specialists, educators, psychologists, physiotherapists, and sports science experts, supporting the children’s development step by step.

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