PITA: in the water with children for play and therapy

Water activities improve one's mood, facilitate social relationships, and enhance motor skills. We decided to strive to offer these activities to children with developmental delays, brain injuries, or autism spectrum disorders, by combining safety and fun.

Menarini is supporting the PITA – Progetto d'Intervento Terapeutico in Acqua (Therapeutic Water Intervention Project), created by the Florentine association Astrolabio. Being able to feel at ease with the instructor, gaining self-confidence, accepting the presence of other children and being able to play all together: these things may seem obvious, but for many children they are not.

This initiative is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of neuro-psychomotor experts, educators, psychologists, physiotherapists and motor-science graduates, in the aim of following the growth of the children involved step by step.

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