Tommasino Hospitality Homes

The need for long stays away from home is a burden that many families have to bear in order to have their children treated. A painful and economically burdensome situation, in which so many relatives of children hospitalised at the Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence also find themselves. To help them, Menarini has been supporting the Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation for years.

Founded in memory of a child who lived in Fiesole and was affected by a rare and aggressive form of brain tumour, this organisation manages a permanent fund dedicated to treating children suffering from cancer and helping their families as well. Resources that have made it possible not only to create the Case Accoglienza Tommasino (apartments made available free of charge for those who need to stay close to Meyer patients during their treatment), but also to join the fight against the disease. With 25 facilities available, up to now it has been possible to accommodate as many as 111 people per day for an equivalent of approximately 40.515 free nights.

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