Tommasino Guest Houses, accommodation for families during their toughest times

Having to leave home for medical treatment brings a lot of extra challenges with it, in addition to the procedures and difficulties associated with the illness itself. To assist the families of cancer patients, Menarini has spent years supporting the Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation, established in the memory of a little boy from Fiesole who was stricken by a rare and aggressive form of brain tumour. Tragically, little Tommaso lost his battle, but his parents decided to funnel all the offers of support they received into the creation of a permanent fund dedicated to the treatment of childhood cancers and providing accommodation for families with sick children. This was how the Tommasino Guest Houses came to be—comfortable apartments made available free of charge to the families of young cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Meyer Hospital in Florence. These 22 facilities can currently host up to 98 people per day. That's about 36,000 free overnight stays per year, translating into significant savings for the families.

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