Hunger doesn’t go on summer holidays

According to official data, around 21% of the population of the Spanish region of Catalonia live in conditions of poverty. For these people, summer is not a fun and carefree time of year. Rather, these might even be the most difficult months of all. To remind people that hunger doesn’t go away after Christmas, when we’re all more conscious of helping our neighbours, the La Fam no fa vacances (Hunger doesn’t go on holiday) project was launched. It aims to help the less fortunate during the times of year when there are fewer donations, like the summer holidays. This initiative by the Barcelona Fundación Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank Foundation) counts Menarini Spain among its participants. In 2019 alone, the latter donated no fewer than 2,000 kilogrammes of highly nutritious foodstuffs such as milk, oil, legumes, and tinned meat and fish.

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