From gardening to combating waste, starting in-house

Sustainability clearly explained through presentations and virtuous examples. An experience made accessible to Menarini Portugal’s staff during 2022. A series of three meetings, held in January, May and September, provided the opportunity for our employees to put their green fingers to the test and take part in some great initiatives focused on circular economy.

Menarini Portugal duly staged a gardening lesson on how to plant and grow vegetables, herbs and fruit at home, with plenty of practical tasks included. Solidarity and how to combat waste were the main talking points at the encounter dedicated to Refood, a movement with about 60 countrywide distribution centres. Refood’s goal is to collect good quality, leftover food from restaurants, cafés, supermarkets and schools and make it available to the people who need it. Lastly, we heard the story of Nãm Mushroom directly from its protagonist: a young Belgian entrepreneur who grows fresh, organic mushrooms in coffee grounds and then, sells them to businesses in Lisbon. Not even the mushroom waste ends up in the bin - it is recycled to become a key element in a nutritious fertiliser.


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