Clean-Up Day along the Ciliwung river

Mismanagement of waste pollutes the environment and damages the life forms of ecosystems, as well as human health. This is certainly the case for the area around the Ciliwung, the longest river in Jakarta. Enter the 135 employees of Menarini Indonesia, who took part in the River Clean-Up Day, sponsored by our local branch office together with Waste4Change, the supplier of waste disposal services.

After a session of classroom and practical training, the day of the event arrived. Our workers released 1.000 fish, ready to lay their eggs, into the river, and planted dozens of arpa rice seeds, coffee and guava trees, and took part in a team competition to see who could collect the most rubbish. A day in the pursuit of team spirit that resulted in a total of 252,8 kilos of rubbish being collected.

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