Fair Play Menarini International Awards, excitement is building for the awards ceremony after the “The Champions Tell their Stories”

FLORENCE, July 4th, 2023 – The XXVII edition of the Fair Play Menarini International Awards is well under way.  The 2023 edition of the three-day event, centred around the values of fair play, opened last night with the talk show “The Champions Tell their Stories” on the Arengario of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The fascinating stories of international sports legends, guests at the event, cast a spell over Piazza della Signoria during the show, hosted by Ivan Zazzaroni, and broadcast live on RTV38. Unforgettable figures from the history of football, such as Arrigo Sacchi, and Giancarlo Antognoni, the legendary face of the Fiorentina football club, shared memories and experiences with Edwin Moses and Tommie Smith, all-time track stars, multiple record holders and advocates of all-important battles for civil rights and fair play in sport. The event, which included a series of reflections and fun facts, once again celebrated the sporting culture that has flourished in Tuscany, where the award originated and has grown over time.

Fair play is a concept based on ethical behaviour, applied in a variety of situations, but normally associated with sport where it originated and took root, affirming the fundamental values of how we are expected to behave. It is all about loyalty and solidarity”, explains Eugenio Giani, President of the Regione Toscana. “Fair play, however, reaches far beyond sport into social and political relations as well as it has become synonymous with an attitude, a lifestyle, and a way of behaving and thinking. I am immensely proud that this award originated and took hold in Tuscany. Our region takes pride in its high social and sporting values in which we lead the way in advocating solidarity at all levels, including sports competitions.”

This evening, the award event, organised by the Fair Play Menarini Foundation, is moving to Piazzale Michelangelo and Florence’s most famous panoramic terrace as the setting for the traditional gala dinner.



Once again this year, we can take home examples of fairness and loyalty that will guide us in our daily lives thanks to these award winners”, state Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, shareholders and members of the Menarini Board of Directors. “Tomorrow evening’s event will be a magnificent celebration, open to everyone, in pursuit of the finest sporting values”.

And indeed, anticipation is building for the grand finale. On Wednesday, July 5th, at 9 p.m., the Roman Theatre in Fiesole will be hosting the awards ceremony for the very first time, and will be attended by Andrea Abodi, Minister for Sport and Youth, who was a Fair Play Menarini International Award recipient himself in 2016. Another notable return to the event will be the revered champion, Federica Pellegrini, who was honoured with the award in the “Legendary figure” category last year. The evening is not just about sport, however. The awards ceremony, which will be broadcast on Sportitalia the following day, will also feature performances by Italian music icons such as the Neri per Caso, who will be preceded by the swing band Papillon.


Admission to the event is free but advance booking is required. To participate, just register on this link and indicate the name and number of attendees.

Here are the award winners and categories of the XXVII Fair Play Menarini International Awards:

- FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE, “Sport and Life” category

- JAVIER ZANETTI, “Legendary Figure” category

- DEBORAH COMPAGNONI, “Career Fair Play” Category

- ALESSANDRA CAMPEDELLI, “Social Values of Sport” Category

- ANTONIO CABRINI, “A Role Model for Youth” Paolo Rossi Special Prize Category

- ELISA DI FRANCISCA, “Sport and Courage” Category

- GIULIA GHIRETTI, “Sport Beyond Sport” SUSTENIUM Energy and Heart Category

- LARISSA IAPICHINO, “A Smile for Life” Category

- MASSIMILIANO ROSOLINO, “Sport Promotion” Category


- LISA VITTOZZI, “Fair Play and the Environment” Category

- JACOPO VOLPI, “Narrating Emotions” Franco Lauro Special Prize Category

- MARIACLOTILDE ADOSINI, “Young Athletes” Category

- EMILIA ROSSATTI, “Young Athletes” Category

- GIORGIO PIETRO TORRISI, ““Young Athletes” Category

- GIANLUCA GENSINI, “Studio and Sport” Fiamme Gialle Special Prize Category


The following Fair Play Ambassadors shall also be attending:






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