XXI edition of the Menarini Fair Play Awards

Fair Play Menarini: 21st edition of International Award

Ivan Zaytsev, Zvonimir Boban, Jarno Trulli, Sofia Goggia, Federico Pellegrino, Yelena Isinbaeva, David Rudisha, Sara Anzanello, Fabio Piasacane as well as the Olympic champion Niccolò Campriani. There will also be testimonials and award winners from previous editions like Sasha Danilovic, Roberto Brunamonti, Giancarlo Antognoni, and Umberto Panerai.

These are just a few of the protagonists that comprise the long and prestigious list of award winners of the XXI edition of the Menarini Fair Play Awards.

Fair Play Menarini: the award ”Sustenium e Cuore” given to Ivan Zaytsev

The press conference and presentation of the 2017 edition of the event took place this morning at the CONI (Italian Olympic Commission) Hall of honour with the Chairman Giovanni Malagò in attendance.

Coni Roma conference of Fair Play Menarini

I had the opportunity some years ago to become acquainted with the International Menarini Fair Play Award and the amazing commitment of the organisers Angelo Morelli and Chiara Fatai, and the entire Jury - said Giovanni Malagò - the history of the Award is closely tied to the history of sport. We are very pleased to host the presentation of the Fair Play Award at the home of sport; CONI is not just a sponsoring body, but rather forms an integral part of this important event”.

Giovanni Malagoò President of Coni at Fair Play Menarini award

Leaders in the national and international sporting world will be taking part in the awards ceremony that will be held on Thursday 6 July at Piazza del Municipio in Castiglion Fiorentino (Prov. Arezzo), which will be hosting the prestigious event for the fifth consecutive year.

The Menarini Fair Play Award allows us all to dream. To dream of a better world, where the point of reference that inspires and serves as inspiration for our children is the one created by those that win fairly, by those that shake hands when beaten, by those that do not look for shortcuts, but have reached their victory through effort and sacrifice. The objective of the Menarini Fair Play Award is to contribute to making this dream a reality. This is the main reason why Menarini decided to confirm its participation as Title Sponsor for the fifth consecutive year” stated Ennio Troiano, the Director of Corporate Human Resources of the Menarini Group.

Giacomo Pierini is a winner of Fair Play Menarini award XXI edition

The Jury has been busy at work in recent months to identify the protagonists of this edition - added Angelo Morelli, Chairman of the International Menarini Fair Play Association - 18 great champions, examples not only of winning and success in sport, but also of ethics and fair play in social life. They will be joined by the testimonials and award winners of previous editions that will be taking part in the engagements for this edition that will open on 4 July in Castiglion Fiorentino. The following day award winners and ambassadors will be hosted by the Title Sponsor Menarini, who we thank for their commitment to the mission of the Award over five editions”.

Once again this year, we have the invaluable support of Consultinvest SIM Spa, a brokerage firm and the main partner of the event.

We share the message and objectives of the Award with enthusiasm, in the belief that we are providing a contribution to something important - explained Mauro Sereni from Consultinvest - sport is not only a significant means for aggregation and socialising, but also represents an opportunity for economic development that can offer employment and well-being to many people. This is why we believe that it is right to recognise sportsmen and women and those that have achieved significant results correctly, thus enforcing a positive message through their conduct in respect of society, and in particular the youth, which increasingly need positive examples to follow.

Ivan Zaytsev is a winner of Fair Play Menarini award XXI edition

The event programme features many innovations, which will kick off on Tuesday 4 July with the event “Sport in piazza” taking place in the Parco dei Pini in Castiglion Fiorentino from the afternoon. After dinner, the same venue will host some great sporting champions that will tell their emotional stories under the banner of the event “Champions tell their stories”, presented by journalist Marino Bartoletti.

Francesca Porcellato, Knut Knudsen and the athlete from Arezzo from the "Guardia di Finanza" Benedetta Cuneo will discuss their experiences and provide anecdotes.

The next day, in the picturesque setting of Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, award winners and guests will take part in the Gala Dinner, promoted and organised by the Title Sponsor, the pharmaceutical company Menarini.

Finally on 6 July, after a visit to the historic centre of Montevarchi, the spotlights will focus on the magnificent scene of the Giorgio Vasari Loggiato in Piazza del Municipio in Castiglion Fiorentino for the awards ceremony that will be broadcast live on SportItalia on channel 60 and 153 on digital terrestrial and on channel 225 on Sky, from 20:30.

The award winners of the XXI Menarini International Fair Play Award: 

Fabio Pisacane, Fair Play 

Knut Knudsen, Career in Fair Play 

Zvonimir Boban, Sport and Life 

Franz Klammer and Niccolò Campriani, Legendary Figures 

Yelena Isinbaeva, Fair Play and Solidarity 

Ivan Zaytsev, Special SUSTENIUM Energy and Heart Prize 

Jarno Trulli, Sport Beyond Sport 

Francisco and Niccolò Porcella, Fair Play and the Environment 

Federico Pellegrino, Model for the Youth 

David Rudisha, Fair Play for Peace 

Matteo Marani, Narrating Emotions 

Nicole Orlando, the Social Values of Sport 

Fabrizio Donato, A Life for Sport 

Sara Anzanello, Fair Play Life Model 

Sofia Goggia, Promotion of Sport 

National Firefighters Corp ("Corpo Nazionale Vigili del Fuoco"), Special “Fair Play and Courage” Award 

Matteo Tanganelli and Giacomo Perini, Special "Guardia di Finanza" “Study and Sport” Award 

Also taking part in the event as testimonials and prize winners from previous editions: Sasha Danilovic, Roberto Brunamonti, Giancarlo Antognoni, and Umberto Panerai.