Trisome games 2016 in Florence: Menarini and the Olympic games for athletes with down syndrome

Trisome games 2016 in Florence: Menarini and the Olympic games for athletes with down syndrome

Trisome Game

ROME, 8 JULY 2016 - The Trisome Games 2016 will be a very special event. For the first time in history, in fact, Italy – and more specifically, Florence – will organise and host a multidisciplinary event exclusively for athletes with Down syndrome. The Menarini Group, a multinational pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Florence, will be a sponsor of the event. The company’s participation continues a long line of initiatives organised by Menarini, a company closely involved in social issues and needs, particularly those of Florence, home to its headquarters since 1915. 

At the Trisome Games 2016, there will be over 1000 athletes from 36 countries worldwide, participating and competing in different disciplines at a variety of venues across Florence: Stadio Ridolfi (athletics), Piscina Costoli (swimming and synchronized swimming), Palestra Sorgane (gymnastics), Palestra Generale Barbasetti (Futsal), Affrico (judo, tennis and table tennis). In addition to this, an area near the Stadio Ridolfi will accommodate the “Trisome Village”, the bustling hub of the event. And it's here in the olympic village that the Menarini Group will play its part, running a physiotherapy station available to athletes and anyone in need, as well as information stands.

The opening ceremony, scheduled for 16 July from 18:00 will be held in Piazza della Signorina as an introduction to the official start of the sporting events taking place on 17, 18, 20 and 21 July 2016. On 19 July, in the Salone dei Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio, the “World Scientific Congress on Down Syndrome” will take place. This will provide an important opportunity for learning, increasing awareness and addressing the issues surrounding this specific disability.

Ennio Troiano, Director of Human Resources of the Menarini Group, said the following about the company’s participation in the event: “At Menarini we are particularly attentive and sensitive to all activities that respond to social needs and which also involve sportspeople. We were very impressed by this initiative which will see very special athletes from all around the world competing. To be the sponsor of the first edition of this international event, in many ways a historic moment, is something we are extremely enthusiastic about”. Troiano continues: “The Trisome Games 2016 and Menarini have various things in common. Commitment to social issues is vital, but the fact that this event is global, yet organised in Florence, perfectly mirrors the reality of our company: completely international, yet strongly rooted in Florence”.


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