The intelligence coming from being together … Menarini creates, invents, and offers games for Florence’s youngest citizens!

Menarini at the fourth Florence Children’s Event

"All grown-ups were children once... but few of them remember it": wrote Antoine De Saint-Exupéry in his renowned book "The Little Prince". For the fourth consecutive year, Florentine Pharmaceutical Group Menarini will be actively participating at the Florence Children’s Event and in the unique and outstanding setting of Palazzo Vecchio, offering fun activities for children of every age group.

Two days filled with fairy tales and activities for toddlers, outdoor games for children aged 4 and upwards, and activities for children of all ages aimed at stimulating their inventiveness and reasoning!


Not only! This year visitors will also have the opportunity to take part in a real live Science Workshop for Children with spectacular scientific experiments showcased by "mini scientists" ages 8 to 11 from the City’s Kindergarten Elementary School,  entirely in English!


"The Florence Children’s Event has now become a fixed appointment involving thousands of citizens - commented Cristina Giachi, Deputy Mayor of the City of FlorenceThere will be three wonderful days of free activities for all the family, which, even if devised bearing children in mind, will also do adults good and give them the chance to dream.”


"Menarini has always taken to heart the wellbeing and happiness of children,  supporting initiatives all over the world, particularly those which benefit less fortunate children - said Lucia Aleotti, Chairman of the Menarini Group - Children have the great ability to look at the world in a better way compared to adults: stimulating their creativity, intelligence and inventiveness, an essential contribution towards helping them become adults".


All the activities offered by Menarini during the event, in conjunction with Company Crèche, Menarini Baby, Bilingual Primary School ‘Kindergarten’ and the Instituto di Psicologia Funzionale of the city of Florence, are completely free of charge.


All you have to do now.... is come along and have fun!