THE CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL 2016 - The Children's Festival - New Worlds


The Children's Festival has again this year transformed the city of Florence into the capital of childhood for three days. Over 23 thousand children participated, together with their families, bringing to life the festival locations for the whole weekend, from 15 to 17 April 2016.

For the third year running Lucia Aleotti and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, Chairperson and Vice Chairman of Menarini, supported this event in Florence, preparing a special workshop: “From the small space of the first year, for 2016 we have created a real multi-form centre to illustrate what the world is and the relationships that exist. In fact, on the fiftieth anniversary of the flooding of Florence, we wanted to celebrate, to remember, and speak to the children of the people, the heroes in our eyes, who made great sacrifices at the time to help other citizens in difficulty and to save the evidence of a majestic past. How? With clay!" “The Children's Festival is something very close to our hearts”, commented Ennio Troiano, Human Resources director of the Menarini Group. “This year we wanted to remember the anniversary of the flood in 1966 by means of a game which everyone can play.  Playing with clay, being able to mould with your hands and get dirty, brings the children nearer to the heroes who helped Florence at that difficult time”.

A fantastic opportunity to look at the world through the enchanted eyes of children but also a great event to witness the values of solidarity, cooperation and sharing. Watch the video!

“The Festival was a way of placing the younger citizens at the centre of attention", said the Deputy Mayor and local authority Education Advisor of Florence City Council, Cristina Giachi. “What we have offered them in these three days is very important: we can't hope for mature, aware citizens who participate and who have a sense of community if we don't involve them in this community while they are growing up”.


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