Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

UISP, the Menarini weehlchair basketball team wins

The Menarini Volpi Rosse are UISP National Champions 

One victory after another, game after game, to win the most coveted title of all: the national championship.  This is how the Menarini Volpi Rosse won the ANMIC-UISP Championship (Sport for All Italian Union).

And just like true champions, the Florentine wheelchair basketball team won this title without losing a single game during the regular season, beating Asdre Reggio Emilia and then Olympic Basket Verona in the semifinals.

The Menarini Volpi Rosse’s victory followed a hard fought final where during the first twenty minutes the game was at a tied score.  Staying united and tightly knit, the Menarini Volpi Rosse players changed the game’s destiny, racking up point after point thanks to the contribution of the team’s top scorer of the final, Daniele Filippeschi, who shot 23 points. The basket scored at the last minute by Andrea Mucci sealed the Menarini Volpi Rosse’s victory with a final score of 54 to 44.


Volpi Rosse Menarini con Boganelli Joel, Calamai Antonio, Cetoloni Andrea, Cherici Alessandro, Filippeschi Daniele, Giusti

Menarini Volpi Rosse: Boganelli Joel, Calamai Antonio, Cetoloni Andrea, Cherici Alessandro, Filippeschi Daniele, Giusti

"If today we can say that we have won a national championship, it is because we are a team both on and off the court,” said Alessandro Cherici, Menarini Volpi Rosse coach and team member.  “During all of these months we have been united and have supported each other, encouraging one another, even in tense moments and in a context that is much different than any other we are used to experiencing every day.  This united spirit can also be seen on the court and has been the fundamental ingredient of our victory."

"The Volpi Rosse is Menarini’s number one team, the one that the whole company cheers for,” said Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, members of the Board of Menarini. “As unbeaten winners of the national championship, with their talent, passion and spirit of sacrifice, they are an example for everyone."


Volpi Rosse Menarini