Menarini Group: new production plant in Russia (Kaluga)

Important agreement signed in Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence,
between The Menarini Group and Russian authorities.

Today in Palazzo Vecchio, the town hall of Florence, an agreement was signed between the Menarini Group and the authorities of the Kaluga Region (Russia), Mr. Artamonov, Governor of the Kaluga Region and Mr. Ljubimov, Mayor of the city of Kaluga, for the construction of a pharmaceutical production plant.

The Governor of the Kaluga Region, A. Artamonov
and A. Aleotti, Chairman and CEO Menarini Group

The plant will be built on a territory of 5 hectares and dedicated to the packaging and production of drugs for the growing demand of the Russian market. The plant, when fully operational, will employ 150 people.

Kaluga is located 170km from Moscow and, with its outstanding scientific and technological tradition, where the famous Russian scientist, K. E. Ciolkovski, founder of the modern cosmonautics and pioneer of human flights into the universe, once lived and worked. Today Kaluga is also the home to the famous cosmonaut museum, and has an excellent infrastructure system.

Plan of the new production plant in Kaluga

This investment is part of the Menarini Group’s expansion into all Eastern European countries where, through its affiliate Berlin-Chemie AG, it is considered one of the leading companies in its sector. In fact, Menarini/Berlin-Chemie ranks number one* in Russia amongst all the pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

"We are extremely satisfied with this agreement for the construction of a new plant which will be able to partially absorb the growing demand for our drugs by Russian patients,"commented Dr. Alberto Aleotti, President of the Menarini Group, "and above all we are proud to confirm at the same time our manufacturing presence in its entirety in all the other 12 European and extra-European plants of the Group. This is a strong message in counter-trend to the logic of delocalisation and highlights the strategic role of the pharmaceutical sector for our country."

Group photo in Palazzo Vecchio, town hall of Florence, after the signing of the agreement which came about in the presence of the Mayor of Florence and the President of the Tuscan Region. From left to right: P. Corsa, D. Simone, E. Simoni (Councillor for the Province of Florence), M. Renzi (Mayor of Florence), A.G. Aleotti, N. Ljubimov (Mayor of the city of Kaluga), A. Aleotti, A. Artamonov (Governor of the Kaluga Region), C. Martini, A. Meshkov (Ambassador of the Russian Federation), L. Popov (Vice Director of the Russian Chambers of Commerce in Italy), M. Aikimov (Vice Governor of the Kaluga Region).

Both the Mayor of the city of Florence, Matteo Renzi, and the President of the Tuscan Region, Claudio Martini, were present at the signing ceremony to welcome the Russian authorities and the representatives of the Menarini Group.

(*) Pharmexpert-Retail market segment-Top manufacturers