Menarini’s novel CoronaMeltVAR test detects SARS CoV-2 and discriminates the potential presence of the Delta, Omicron BA.1 or Omicron BA.2 variants


Menarini’s novel CoronaMeltVAR test detects SARS CoV-2 and discriminates the potential presence of the Delta, Omicron BA.1 or Omicron BA.2 variants

The sub-variant Omicron 2 (BA.2), similar in some parts to the Omicron variant and in other parts to the Delta variant, is the subject of epidemiological studies and possibly of clinical relevance for the prescription of monoclonal antibodies to COVID-19 patients.

CoronaMeltVAR is a Real Time PCR molecular kit designed to detect positivity to any variant of SARS CoV-2 and simultaneously determine the presence of certain classes of variants. Based on the melting curve analysis principle, this system produces a "profile" or fingerprint of the viral genome, related to the Omicron and Delta variants.

In just 90 minutes, the kit can differentiate the potential presence of the Delta, Omicron BA.1 or Omicron BA.2 variants in a SARS CoV-2 positive sample with a single amplification and subsequent analysis of the melting curve, even on low viral load samples.

This rapid and cost effective pre-screening allows sequencing attention to be focused on samples already classified as suspicious, facilitating the in-depth investigation of the spread and pathogenicity of rare variants in the population such as, at present, the Omicron 2 (BA.2) variant.

All the samples thus classified into categories by the CoronaMeltVAR kit can then be confirmed by sequencing for an accurate definition of the molecular variant.


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