Gaslini and Menarini diagnostics inaugurate the first mobile medical laboratory for children



Bagno a Ripoli, 8 June 2011 – Menarini Diagnostics and the Istituto G. Gaslini of Genoa have teamed up to develop a mobile laboratory that provides home assistance to young patients who cannot go to their local hospital for treatment due to health reasons.
The laboratory was inaugurated today at the Town Hall of Bagno a Ripoli with the participation of Mayor Luciano Bartolini, Paolo Petralia - General Manager of Gaslini, and Mr. Crescenzio Izzo - General Manager of Menarini Diagnostics.

Istituto G. Gaslini is a renowned pediatric hospital serving as national reference for complex diseases in the neonatal, childhood and adolescence periods requiring highly specialized medical care. "Over 20,000 children every year from over 60 countries including Italy turn to Gaslini for the best care possible thanks to highly advanced research and innovation," affirms Paolo Petralia, General Manager of Gaslini. "My presence here today testifies my gratitude for this extremely valid experience of private and public collaboration which allows us to provide state of the art solutions for our children."

The Mayor of Bagno a Ripoli, Luciano Bartolini, added, "Our municipality is fortunate to have an industrial excellence such as Menarini within our territory which makes it possible today to inaugurate this travelling specialized laboratory for children, together with Gaslini and Unicef, where I serve as "guardian of the children."

At this mobile laboratory it will be possible to perform first level diagnostic exams directly at the patients’ home, to check-up on their health during the exam and immediately adjust their therapy based on the test results.

"The software provided by Menarini Diagnostics transmits in real time via UMTS test results such as blood count, blood glucose, and liver, kidney and heart parameters to the central laboratory of Genoa. It is therefore possible to provide high quality health assistance while meeting the needs of patients and their families with mobility problems," said Crescenzio Izzo, General Manager of Menarini Diagnostics.

In the photos: Luciano Bartolini, Mayor of Bagno a Ripoli, Paolo Petralia, General Manager of Gaslini, Crescenzio Izzo, General Manager of Menarini Diagnostics