Danilovic and Myers guest stars in Florence

Danilovic and Myers guest stars in Florence



To celebrate the 10th years of Volpi Rosse Menarini, an amazing party dedicated to sport organized by Menarini


Menarini headquarters was transformed into a basketball court today to host a group of outstanding players:  Predrag (Sasha) Danilovic, Carlton Myers and the Volpi Rosse Menarini, the wheelchair basketball team Menarini has sponsored for the past four seasons.

The celebrations to mark the 100-year presence of Menarini in Florence continue in the wake of events dedicated to the city, and on this particular occasion, to basketball fans. Today’s celebration is a tribute to the Volpi Rosse Menarini, the only wheelchair basketball team active in Tuscany and currently playing at a competitive level in two championships. This year the team celebrate 10 years of activity.

"It 's wonderful to be able to celebrate the birthday of the Volpi Rosse alongside two legends from the world of basketball, Predrag (Sasha) Danilovic and Carlton Myers", said Lucia Aleotti and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, respectively President and Vice President of the Menarini Group, sponsor of the Volpi Rosse Menarini. " Both Danilovic and Myers have played in championships which remain in the history of Italian and European sports, and agreed to come to Florence to spend a day with the Volpi Rosse Menarini, a team we have proudly supported since 2011, made up of athletes whose energy, sense of sacrifice, and talent we have come to appreciate both on the court and during training sessions. This day will be a memorable anniversary for all of us. Heartfelt thanks go to both Sasha Danilovic and Carlton Myers for their great sensitivity, two champions who have triumphed not only in sports but in life in general. Two people gifted with considerable values. "

Predrag (Sasha) Danilovic and Carlton Myers are both Ambassadors of Fair Play Menarini, the only event in Italy which rewards talented sportsmen and women who also represent sound ethics and uphold fair play. The next edition of the awards is scheduled from 29th June through 1st July , will be held in both Florence and Castiglione Fiorentino (AR) and  broadcast on the Rai Sport TV channel.

"The Volpi Rosse Menarini have had an amazing day thanks to Menarini. Our team is made up of a group of 26 athletes, who, since 2013, in addition to their success in the National "Antonio Maglio" Youth Championship, have also taken part in the Series B of the Federation of Italian wheelchair basketball national championship”  declared Ivano Nuti, President of the Volpi Rosse Menarini .  The number of achievements  is growing constantly and last April, during the Final Four held in Bologna, the same city in which both Danilovic and Myers played some of their toughest challenges, our team was also acknowledged as the 3rd best wheelchair basketball team in the whole of Italy. "

The series of initiatives being held throughout  the city to celebrate the 100-year presence of Menarini in Florence, began just a few months ago with the presentation of a monograph dedicated to Pontormo, participation at the 2015 Children's Festival and the week-long initiative dedicated to the city’s University, the handing over of the keys to 10 social housing apartments completely renovated by Menarini, as well as other events and initiative planned to take place from now until the end of 2015.