Continuous blood glucose monitoring: the Menarini Diagnostics digital “patch” now available!

Measuring blood sugar several times a day for people with diabetes, will no longer be necessary. Menarini Diagnostics has launched GlucoMen® Day CGM, an innovative digital patch, wearable  fourteen days in a row, which monitors blood glucose and shows results directly on the smartphone.

With the use of a traditional blood glucose meter, patients had to prick their finger and take a drop of blood up to ten times a day and, sometimes, even at night. With GlucoMen® Day, Menarini Diagnostics will change the lives of thousands of people who no longer have to repeat this uncomfortable routine. To replace needles and stings there will be a new device, in the shape of a patch, which can be worn for two consecutive weeks. Furthermore, those who use it will be able to view their blood glucose performance at any time of the day, directly from the App installed on their smartphone. The user will also be able to set alerts -according to specific needs- which will help monitor the values when they exceed the safety limits.

The statistics and graphs shown on the App can be shared, in real time, with family members, caregivers, but above all with personal doctors who will be able to monitor the patient remotely, personalizing the therapy and adapting it to specific needs. Immediate sharing will significantly contribute to the achievement of clinical objectives, allowing a saving of energy and time, reducing travel and encouraging greater awareness of the patient who is increasingly enticed to actively manage  their health.
This new technology is in line with the new trends in telemedicine, which is rapidly transforming the world of Healthcare, and with the impetuous digital revolution that the recent pandemic has contributed greatly to accelerating.
The system is now available throughout Europe, through the Group's affiliates and with the Export network in the territories not directly covered by Menarini branches.
We are proud of this important milestone achieved thanks to the extraordinary passion and determination of our team. The GlucoMen® Day is an innovative system and will contribute to improving the quality of life of people with diabetes, allowing them to live their lives more serenely and freely, "commented Fabio Piazzalunga, Global Head of Menarini Diagnostics.
GlucoMen® Day CGM is also an eco-friendly system: all its components can be used consecutively for at least five years.