Fair Play Menarini International Awards 2019

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The Menarini Group celebrates the Champions of Fair Play

Two days dedicated to sport and the greater values of Fair Play. Last July the city of Florence hosted the XXIII^ edition of the International Fair Play Menarini Award: the annual event which celebrates those sporting champions who have stood out in the world of sports for the brilliant results attained whilst fully respecting the rules.

Over the years a great many sporting champions had been acknowledged for their Fair Play, but this year’s edition has been a very special one with a long list of champions covering a wide range of different sports, such as soccer player Zico (A Lifetime for Sport Award), volleyball player Andrea Giani (Special Prize Sustenium Energy and Heart Award), Olympic runner Gabriela Szabo (Life Model Award) and Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina (Star of Sport Award) as well as many, many others.

Pharmaceutical Group Menarini is title sponsor for the Fair Play Award and, further to the strong desire of the Group’s President, Eric Cornut, and Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, Shareholders and Members of the Board of Menarini, has chosen to associate its name and mission to this important initiative.

“Through the sponsorship of the International Fair Play Menarini Award, an unique event within the world of sports, Menarini wishes to acknowledge the better values of sport, which may sometimes be overlooked when it comes to achieving one’s goals, commented Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti, Members of the Board of Menarini. Menarini wants to celebrate the ethical behaviour of these sporting champions with the hope that they will, in turn, become an example for younger sportsmen and women, not only in sport, but in everyday life”.


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