Supporting students with special needs in India

Diwali, a celebration also known as the Festival of Lights, represents new beginnings. During their preparations for the celebrations last year, the employees of Menarini India visited the Punarvas Special School in Mumbai to spend some time with their special needs students. Together, they painted the diya lamps used in Diwali celebrations, symbolising the light of wisdom in every heart, and the light of life in every home. Their work was then put on display in exhibits organised by the students before being auctioned off to raise funds for the school. In a country marked by grave social inequalities, Menarini India also seeks to combat malnutrition and lack of education by supporting the NGO Annamrita, a name which means food as pure as nectar. Poverty and hunger are widespread in India, and the majority of the population is unable to feed themselves even one nourishing meal per day. To break the vicious cycle that links hunger and illiteracy, the Annamrita association provides around 1.2 million healthy meals per day in 10 Indian states, free of charge and prepared in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards. Its fundamental message is that "you are what you eat". In other words, the food we eat nourishes the mind and soul as well as the body. The highly nutritious meals provided every day through this project play a part in encouraging over a million children to attend school.

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