Back to school with new school bags in the Philippines

Pens and colouring pencils, erasers and notebooks: school is serious business, and you’d better be prepared with everything you might need. In many countries, however, this isn’t always an easy task, and the inequalities that begin at school can often stay with students for the rest of their lives. This observation led to the launch of the Bag to School project in Singapore in 2012, which has now spread to Malaysia and the Philippines. The aim is to improve access to and the quality of education for the youngest learners and to eradicate extreme poverty. The approach chosen to achieve this is to provide new school bags to children, full of all the supplies they need to go to school with a smile. Menarini Philippines participates in the project, distributing a total of 1,613 new, fully stocked school bags to the same number of young students in the country over the course of three years. This way, school is even more enjoyable than ever!

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