A daily meal for children at risk of exclusion in Spain

School canteens do not just provide a catering service, they are a vital space for guaranteeing the fundamental rights of children: food and education. This is the ethos at the heart of the Dining Scholarship Project launched in Spain by the NGO Educo and supported by the Menarini Group, for the purpose of providing what have become known as becas comedores or food scholarships—a meal every day for young boys and girls at risk of social exclusion. Menarini Spain has contributed almost € 7,000 toward this goal, and the funds raised will go to providing a total of 2,780 meals to 17 pupils for one year. A gift with double the value, as Educo’s dining scholarships not only guarantee healthy and balanced nutrition for children from families with financial difficulties, but are also an important factor in helping them to integrate with their peers and, as a result, improving their educational performance.

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