Working with Infancia con Futuro for free healthcare in Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the five countries with the highest levels of malnutrition in the world. What’s more, its health and education services are not able to reach all the children who live in conditions of extreme poverty. In seeking to close this gap, associations like the well-known Infancia con Futuro play a key role. With its name literally meaning “childhood with a future”, the organisation focuses on initiatives related to health, education and professional training, considered the three critical pillars of healthy development. Menarini Spain has worked alongside this NGO for a long time. The projects it has been involved with include a medical clinic equipped with all the tools necessary for the diagnosis of major diseases, including a community pharmacy and a clinical analysis laboratory. This facility, which is constantly expanding, allows the 5,500 families living in extreme poverty in the villages along the banks of Lake Amatitlán (30 km from Guatemala City) to access check-ups and continuous medical assistance free of charge and provides information on prevention and health in general.

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