One influencer One doctor

How is it possible to make a video on prevention receive hundreds of thousands of views? By entrusting the topic to VIPs and successful bloggers. This was the choice made by Menarini Turkey with One influencer One doctor, in order to talk about health to the widest possible segment of the population.

The project consisted of a series of video interviews published on YouTube and shared on other social networks. Famous faces from the worlds of film, TV and football acted as the interviewers, this time in the role of those asking the questions.
To give a few examples. Much-loved actor Hakan Hatipoğlu talked to a cardiology expert about the risks of high blood pressure. Together with a specialist in orthopaedics and traumatology, former footballer Pascal Nouma cleared up all the doubts about sporting injuries. And actress Akasya Asıltürkmen met with a gastroenterologist for a focus on the irritable bowel syndrome.


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