Health education from a young age in Berlin

Health and well-being are topics studied in the classroom in Germany. From proper diet to the importance of physical activity, from relaxation exercises to conflict and stress management, even the risks of using tobacco and drugs: these are just some of the subjects tackled by elementary school students thanks to Klasse2000, one of the projects to bring health education to schools that Menarini-Berlin Chemie has supported for years.

This educational programme, which has become nothing short of an institution in Germany since its launch in 1991, promotes a healthy, active lifestyle as well as teaching students how to think critically, love themselves and get along well with others. As of today, over 1.8 million children have met Klaro, the Klasse2000 mascot with a smiley face that lights up like a bulb, who uses games to help children learn how much fun a healthy lifestyle can be.

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