A rheumatologist for the ‘urban heroes’ in China

Cold, rain, humidity: for many months of the year, these are the weather conditions in which the refuse collectors who keep our cities clean must work. Their health suffers significantly as a result of this stress, in particular their joints, which can become painful and swollen and even develop deformities.

For this reason, Menarini China has dedicated a special day to the refuse collectors in the city of Wuhan, the urban heroes who are often overlooked but keep the streets clean and orderly, often at the expense of their own physical well-being. Because of this, street cleaners were able to listen to a lecture by Yang Huigin, a specialist in rheumatology at Wuhan’s hospital, on the prevention and treatment of arthritis and arthrosis, chronic inflammatory diseases which attack the joints and whose symptoms are exacerbated by extreme weather conditions such as cold and humidity.

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