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Digestive problems of childhood

Novalac milk products have been created to prevent and resolve various digestive problems by using formulas that are specifically designed, developed and clinically tested.

Each formula is based on a thorough analysis of physiological and psychopathological processes and on the most up-to-date scientific findings to respond to problems like regurgitation, diarrhea, constipation, colic and flatulence. Novalac takes good care of your baby.

Interesting facts

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In accordance with today’s legislation we guarantee that the feed given to the dairy cows does not contain animal meal.
All necessary precautions are taken to make sure that our products do not contain any contaminants such as dioxins, pesticides, and nitrates just to name a few. All Novalac products are made with non-GMO ingredients.

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Novalac manufacturing sites located in Europe and France are carefully controlled and guarantee the highest quality possible. Our quality policy actually exceeds what is required by law.

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A container of Novalac infant formula is checked more than 700 times before it is released.
These strict controls are made on all ingredients such as milk and water, and on the equipment, the processes and finally on the finished product. These physical, chemical, and microbiological checks guarantee the highest quality from the production phase to the packaging phase.
The entire manufacturing process of Novalac products meets international ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

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Each capsule of Agena Mamma Day contains 1 billion cells of bifidobacterium lactis HN019 probiotic with immune-modulating properties.

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Agena Mamma Night&Day has a rich and complete formulation of vitamins, micronutrients and macronutrients to boost the immune system in women during pregnancy.

20 years of experience

For over 20 years a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, pharmacists, nutrition specialists and process engineering specialists have been carefully and passionately performing new studies on dietary solutions for the various situations that can occur during the baby’s first year.

On the Novalac website you can find answers to your doubts or questions:
  • How to prepare a bottle
  • Infant nutrition
  • Newborn concerns

Novalac, their smile is your smile

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants and should be given as long as possible. If it cannot be used or if there is not enough, Novalac can help you with its milk. Novalac is at your side to lovingly nourish your baby from 0 to 36 months thanks to a complete line of infant formula. Milk for departure, growth, continuation and special formulas: with the right nutritional balance and a low-protein content, just like in mother’s milk, Novalac infant formula in powder has been assisting in the development of millions of babies for 20 years, ensuring healthy and harmonious growth.

The entire Novalac line complies with European and international regulations for food and health products for infants. It is recommended to use the product following medical consultation.

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To care for your baby means caring for yourself. This is why we have developed Agena Mamma Night&Day, a dietary supplement for mothers designed to ensure the proper intake of essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids – all essential for protecting the health of mother and baby. And to give love a lot more health.

The Day capsule contains all useful elements to combat fatigue, characteristic of pregnant women, thanks to lactic ferments, B vitamins, folic acid, biotin and iron.

The Night pearl completes the supplement with elements such as fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D3, and iron and lutein.

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Agena Mamma Night&Day has been designed and formulated according to the RDA of pregnant women to provide everything you and your baby need.
(RDA = recommended daily intake levels of nutrients for the Italian population, Italian Society of Human Nutrition revised 1996)

Agena Mamma Night&Day nurtures the needs of the expectant mother
Reduces the risk of potentially dangerous intestinal bacterial infection such as E. coli, clostridium, salmonella, etc.. Provides vitamins and essential trace elements.

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