Abem, medicines for those in need

Everyone should have the chance to receive treatment. For many people, however, being economically disadvantaged is an insurmountable obstacle. In fact, millions of chronic patients around the world are unable to comply with their treatments for purely economic reasons or are forced to choose which drug to buy from amongst the ones they need. In Portugal, an estimated one in ten citizens is in this situation.

Looking after them is the Associação Dignitude. Menarini Portugal also contributes to this association. How? By supporting the Abem project, which allows patients, who may have insufficient financial resources, to access the prescription drugs they need by covering the amount not funded by the State.

In 2022, Dignitude launched Abem Talks, a podcast to raise awareness in the community on this issue. The General Manager of Menarini Portugal was also a guest speaker on one episode, where he focused on the importance of the initiative's mission for our company. Fighting inequality where it hits the hardest, one’s health.

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