The Menarini Forest

Cocoa, mango, lemon, and moringa are but a few of the plant species which we have chosen in order to help the world breathe. To date, the Menarini Forest has planted 14.240 trees in various countries as part of various agroforestry projects. From Cameroon to Madagascar, from Kenya to Nepal, we are supporting “green lives” that are beneficial both for the planet and for the local communities involved in our activities.

“The right tree for the right place and the right purpose”. In cooperation with the Treedom portal, we are sponsoring projects in which the planting of trees can have positive effects on the environment and ecosystems, as well as on the daily lives of those who materially take care of the Menarini Forest on site. In fact, from both a food and economic point of view, our plants are a valuable resource for the people who grow them.

Our sustainability commitment to the Earth is periodically enriched with dozens of trees. A commitment that ties in with our campaign for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. Our company raises the awareness of asthma patients not only of the importance of breathing well and listening to the signals our lungs send us, but also with regard to lifestyles and compliance with therapy.

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