Primary And Secondary Care

Improving the lives of millions more

At Menarini we have a proud heritage of care. It’s from over 130 years that we aim to do more than treating diseases, we aim to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. We stand together with patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to deliver innovative solutions in both primary and secondary care, whether it’s a minor illness, a chronic condition or a life-threatening one.

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to impact the life of millions who have been treated with our products and we are committed to continue making a vital contribution to medical progress, strengthening the roots of both primary and secondary care.
We keep high our responsibility towards the primary care by standing close to general practitioners and with the same commitment we are dedicated to improve secondary care together with the specialists.

Each and every day, we work with integrity and virtue, responsibility and perseverance to reach and advocate people’s well-being whenever they are and make sure nobody is excluded or left behind.

Menarini takes care of patients all over the world

We value every breath, every heart beat and we want to be there for patients, their families and carers. We are committed to the defence of life in all its stages and in every condition and we are working with passion and dedication to build a better future and fulfil the promise of helping millions more.

In Menarini we believe that health is a fundamental human right regardless of social, economic or geographic boundaries and we are constantly working to build a healthier future for improving the lives of people everywhere. Our corporate social responsibility program supports humanitarian and environmental initiatives around the world, for a better present and a brighter tomorrow.

A strategic investment by Menarini Group in Italy

A brand new manufacturing site was announced in June 2020 and it will be built 10 km from Menarini Headquarters and from Florence downtown. It will be fully operative in 2025.

The new site will be dedicated to the production of oral solid pharmaceutical forms, allowing an increase in the production capacity of the Menarini Group which will involve products for the primary care of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and inflammatory diseases, ensuring a further guarantee of constant availability of products that are essential for the health of patients.

Just like the Group's other plants, this too will be a manufacturing site for Primary Care's products which represent the very essence of the Menarini Group, used daily by tens of millions of patients all over the world.


"This manufacturing site will be given its name much as with a new baby" said Lucia and Alberto Giovanni Aleotti. "It will be our employees who will choose it. A name that embodies the courage, the will and the heart of an Italy that wants to get back on its feet and unite in the most difficult moments."

Green Energy approach

The new site will be designed following the «best in class» standards for Oral Solid Dosage plants, in line with targets of excellence in quality, efficiency and sustainability on the path carved by the Industry 4.0 national plan. 

The construction project includes production areas, warehouse, laboratories, offices, canteen. In particular  the new facilities' total area is about 34.000m2 with possibility of further expansion.

Full attention is addressed to the environmental impact by starting with the construction phase and looking for technological solutions that support the recovery of natural resources and energy efficiency. 


Along with the automation of the warehouse in connection with a high efficient logistic system, an investment program on digitalization and automation technologies has been planned, which involves production and quality control systems, resulting in an increased interconnection and data exchange with respect to a traditional manufacturing site. 



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