COVID-19: Monoclonal Antibodies, a possible treatment

As Menarini, we are fully committed in bringing new and effective therapeutic options to the patients who need them most.

Monoclonal antibodies may represent a valid treatment for COVID patients.
A variety of antibodies are generated as a natural response to viruses, some of which directly interfere with the viral replication and monoclonal antibodies are newly synthesized clones of the antibodies that COVID patients produce against SARS-CoV2.

The development of novel antibodies will help to fight back against Covid- 19.

It is with this mission and business strategy in mind that Menarini is partnering with Tuscan Life Sciences, since Menarini Biotech acts as service provider (CDMO) for the provision of the drug substance necessary for the treatment of the COVID-19 patients.
Whilst a great number of pharmaceutical companies are focusing on research with the aim of developing a vaccine, Tuscan Life Sciences is dedicating its efforts to singling out a treatment capable of stopping the progression of the disease.

How this monoclonal antibody does actually work?

An extremely potent antibody has been selected among the most effective antibodies extracted from the plasma of COVID-19 patients who fully recovered from the disease. It has been subsequently cloned into a cell line capable of producing this ultra-specific and extremely potent antibody.

Once purified and extensively analyzed through a manufacturing process, this monoclonal antibody is ready to be injected.

The whole preclinical experience, from the discovery and encompassing the modifications  to reduce the risk of antibody dependent enhancement and prolong half-life, has been published on Cell (Andreano et al.). This experience highlighted the potential of neutralization of the emerging virus variants in vitro.

Its safety and efficacy are actually evaluated in an clinical development program addressing the unmet need of subjects infected with the SARS-CoV2 virus.

It has been demonstrated that, once contagion has taken place, the COVID-19 virus causes a severe impact on the immune system, especially in those patients who are particularly frail, causing irreparable damage to multiple organ sites.

The injection of the antibody could eventually prevent hospitalization and clinical progression of the Covid-19 in infected patients. Furthermore, due to its easy-to-administered formulation, the antibody could be timely delivered to persons being exposed to the SARS-CoV2 virus.

Menarini against COVID-19

Menarini against COVID-19

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