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A. Menarini Diagnostics
at a glance

With more than 1,000 employees and a network of 13 affiliates throughout Europe, A. Menarini Diagnostics is one of the major diagnostics companies in Europe.

Specialized in the two business areas of Self Testing and Laboratory, we currently provide approximately 500 million sensors for self testing per year and we have close to 10,000 laboratory instruments installed all over Europe

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MEDLAB Middle East 2020

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GlucoLog Mobile

GlucoLog Lite

GlucoLog Kids & Teens Diabetes

Tako Dojo

The fields of IVD in which A. Menarini Diagnostics is currently present in Europe

The Laboratory division of A. Menarini Diagnostics is present all over Europe and operates in the following fields:

  • Analysis of haemoglobins
  • Urinalysis
  • Autoimmunity
  • Cell Pathology

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the needs of professionals and an extensive and efficient service network, we are considered a solid and reliable partner

A. Menarini Diagnostics is synonymous with quality

Since 1976, our mission has been to improve the quality of people's lives and achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing services and products for diagnostics and preventive medicine

All our systems and products comply with strict rules and regulations, fully satisfying the requirements of standards and Menarini quality controls.

A. Menarini Diagnostics is a company certified by a third party (TÜV SÜD) according to the EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 standards.


Latest News

Dubai, 3-6 Feb. 2020 Booth # Z6.G10



Florence, Italy, March 26th 2019 

A.Menarini Diagnostics will be the exclusive distributor for Unyvero Platform and application cartridges in numerous European countries and will deploy its commercial team for the marketing of Unyvero Platform across Europe. By way of this pan-European distribution partnership, the Curetis Unyvero Platform and all CE -IVD marked Unyvero Application Cartridges for rapid detection of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance markers will be exclusively marketed and sold by A.Menarini Diagnostics through its various national country organizations. A.Menarini Diagnostics will dedicate its combined sales, customer service, marketing, scientific affairs and operations support team staff for the commercialization of Curetis’ Unyvero product line.

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DRC, connectivity by A. Menarini Diagnostics


DRC - Diabetes Remote Control - is the A. Menarini Diagnostics solution developed to make the best possible use of the blood glucose and ketone test results saved in the memory of the glucose meters. This system means that data saved on A. Menarini Diagnostics glucose meters can now be sent to a smartphone or tablet. This is made possible by the use of glucose meters fitted with NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (next-generation Bluetooth Low Energy) communication systems or by means of Menarini’s dedicated novel devices able to transmit data by BLE such as the GlucoLog BT Plus (for use with A. Menarini Diagnostics glucose meters only) and special apps (GlucoLog Lite and GlucoLog Mobile). These apps have been specifically developed for use by both patients and healthcare professionals. Compatible with both Android and Apple systems, they can be downloaded free from the appropriate app stores. The use of these apps allows an important exchange of useful data that can improve the quality of glycaemia control and, consequently, also the quality of therapy, with significant advantages in terms of a reduction in complications.

Learn more about

How to keep your glucose energy balanced

Tako Dojo, a serious game for young diabetics

TAKO DOJO is an educational application designed to help young diabetic patients manage their disease, motivating them to take care of themselves in order to be able to live their chronic condition more positively.

TAKO DOJO is set in a fantasy world inspired by Japanese tradition. It consists of stimulating games inhabited by small coloured octopuses (TAKO in Japanese) with 5 tentacles symbolising the five fingers of the hand, which in people with diabetes are normally used to the measure their blood sugar levels.

The Tako train inside the DOJO, i.e. the gym, is where they learn how to manage and balance their G Energy (glycaemia/glucose) values which indicate their level of well-being.
By connecting the Menarini Diagnostics blood glucose meter to the application, you can enter into this fantastic world.
In addition, by choosing your own Tako (an avatar in the shape of an octopus), you will be able to access all the games and scientific contents of the App. The blood glucose meter will then independently record your blood glucose readings in an internal diary. Thanks to this system, young patients will not only have the opportunity to have their values just a "click away", but they will also accumulate game points to climb the rankings. Upon reaching a certain score, the app will then unlock a sixth game: an adventure in the world of Tako in search of a hidden treasure.

TAKO DOJO is designed primarily for people with diabetes (especially young people), however, it is also useful for doctors and family members who can therefore monitor the user's blood glucose levels thanks to the app.
Visit the website, www.takodojo.com created especially to provide you with further information together with the Facebook page where it is possible to exchange opinions, suggestions and information. All the contents are available in Italian, English and Dutch.


MyKey by Menarini Diagnostics has received the prize “Impresa+Innovazione+Lavoro” which the Regional Council of Tuscany, in cooperation with the Foundation for Research and Innovation of the University of Florence, awards to companies for innovative projects in support of research and innovation, the driving force behind all companies and personal services.

Let’s find out what this is all about!

  1. Therapy & Wellness

    Therapy and

    Discover all the therapeutic areas where Menarini is present with products marketed in Italy.

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  2. Diagnostics


    A. Menarini Diagnostics responds in a concrete, comprehensive and competent manner to diagnostic and preventive medicine investigations.

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  3. Biotechnology


    Menarini Biotech represents Italian excellence in research in the field of biologic drugs. Cutting-edge technologies

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