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Novalac 2 premium


NOVALAC premium 2
NOVALAC premium 2. Rich in lc-pufa, nucleotides and gos to strengthen your baby’s immune system
Follow-on milk powder formula
Novalac Premium 2 is a follow-on milk powder formula suitable for feeding infants over 6 months old. As part of a diversified diet, Novalac 2 covers your child’s specific nutritional needs. Novalac Premium 2 contains LC-Pufa, nucleotides and GOS, naturally present in breastmilk.


Weaning food can be introduced progressively in conjunction with Novalac Premium 2 follow-up milk formula, according to your doctor’s advice. Novalac Premium 2 should not be used as a substitute for breast milk during the baby’s first six months


The table is indicative, the number of feeds and the quantity given for each feed should be adapted to the child’s appetite, according to your paediatrician’s advice. Novalac Premium 2 should be reconstituted at 13%: 1 level, unpressed measure (4.3 g) to each 30 ml of water.


Age (months) > 6
Weight (kg) > 7.5
Feeds per day 3*
Measures per feed 7
Boiled water (ml) 210

* as part of weaning diet

Precautions for use:

Do not use the product after the date indicated on the tin. After opening use the product within 3 weeks. After each use close the tin with the plastic lid. Store the milk in a cool, dry place, away from light and contaminations Do not prepare the bottle in advance. This should be done just before feeding time. Give each feed within one hour of preparing the formula. The product should not be re-used when it remains in the bottle after feeding. Discard the remaining quantity of milk.



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