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Cream - Talc for topical use

Benzibel cream is a hand and body cream with hydrating, protective and softening properties.
Benzibel cream has been carefully designed in order to reduce the most common dry-skin conditions. The ingredients of our product render Benzibel an appropriate chioce for all patients, even children.

We recommend Benzibel cream whenever the hydro-lipidic balance of the epidermis is altered (dry, rough or chapped skin). In these cases of “dermal dehydration” the cell-to-cell cohesion decreases and the skin becomes exposed to the action of various, potentially harmful foreign factors. Benzibel, thanks to its ingredients is able to act immediately, helping the skin regain its natural well being.
One of the main ingredients of Benzibel is Fomblin ® HC/R. Fomblin ® HC/R an inert chemical polymer, resistant to water and various organic solvents, and permeable to gas. After it has been applied, Fomblin ® HC/R forms a thin layer that protects the skin from the surrounding environment and prevents the trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). Since it is permeable to gas, Fomblin ® HC/R allows the skin to “breathe”, meaning that the excess heat and water vapor can be eliminated.
Benzibel cream is available in 50 ml tubes.

Benzibel talcum is a very smooth powder, easy to apply and with a high-absorbing capacity.
When used on a constant basis after the baby’s baths, Benzibel talcum helps keep the infant’s skin dry. Benzibel talcum has a light, flower-like fragrance. Our powder can also be used by adults. The ingredients contained in Benzibel talcum manage to dry efficiently the body areas that are more likely to stay wet (the groin area, various skin folds, feet, etc).
Benzibel talcum is available in 150 g plastic bottles.

Consumer suggested price:
Benzibel cream: Euro 6,12
Benzibel talcum: Euro 4,30



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